Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Returns

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There comes a time when a customer will return their item. This may cause sudden panic, but returns can be a good thing. Returns don’t always mean a customer is dissatisfied with an item, and even if they are, you can use this opportunity to figure out why they want to return the item, so you can better serve them. There’s no reason to be afraid of returns.

What Are Some Reasons Customers Return Items?

  • Product Doesn’t Work:

    • If you sell electronics, there’s a chance one of the items is defective, which would cause the customer to return it. Instead of providing a refund, you can offer to exchange the item.
  • Incorrect Item Size:

    • If you’re selling clothes online, it’s not uncommon for a customer to order the wrong size shirt, pants or other types of clothing, especially if it’s a gift for someone else. In this situation, you can offer to exchange the item for the correct size clothing.
  • Buyer’s Remorse:

    • A customer may look at a product online and become excited about purchasing it, only to be not as excited once they receive it, or they’ve had it a few days. You can issue a refund or suggest a different item the customer will enjoy more.
  • Mismatched Product Description:

    • Sometimes product descriptions are mixed up with other products or a product is not described properly, and the customer purchases an item that is not as it is described. To prevent this from happening, make sure your copywriters have the correct information to write the descriptions for each product and double-check their efforts.
  • Excessive Amount Ordered:

    • Some customers order excessive amounts of one or more products because they’re ordering in bulk. In such an instance, a refund is usually discretionary, but you may wish to do so anyway.
  • Late Delivery of Items:

    • One thing that customers are not fond of is late deliveries of their items. Sometimes the late delivery of items is out of your control. In this situation, you can offer free shipping or another item at a discount.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Returns?

Pros of Returns

  • Provides a Chance to Engage With Customers:

    • You have a chance to speak with customers and learn what they like and dislike about the product. You can also inquire about their buying experience.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction:

    • Sometimes second chances are worth having. If you didn’t get things right the first time, for whatever reason, you have a chance to make the customer happy and improve their satisfaction.
  • Demonstrate Efficiency:

    • When a customer returns an item, make their return a priority. A fast return means the customer is more likely to spend more money on the items you have.

Cons of Returns

  • Abuse:

    • Also known as “friendly fraud,” a customer purchases items without the intention of keeping them. Different forms of abuse include wardrobing or free renting, when a customer purchases clothing or items, uses them and then returns the items.
  • Lost Profits:

    • When customers return items, the only option you have sometimes is to provide a refund, and you may not be able to restock the product. This results in a loss.

How Apparel Logistics Can Help

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