Our 3PL Services

Fulfilling All Your Supply Chain Needs In One Place.

Same day shipping, fully integrated technologies, and competitive freight rates to domestic and international destinations are only a few of the areas in which we excel to offer our partners a comprehensive service offering.

We are also a global leader in supply chain services such as imports, exports, freight, value-added services and inspections. By optimizing our services to seamlessly integrate, we are able to support your continued growth and success.

Same Day Order Fulfillment

Dedicated Client 

Discounted Shipping Rates

100% Accurate Fulfillment


Foreign Trade Zone

Quality Auditing

Goods on Hanger

Value Added Services

Custom Packaging

We’ve Optimized and Mastered E-Commerce Fulfillment.

Our advanced eCommerce operations ensure that your customers receive high quality products and our clients experience exceptional third party logistics (3PL) services.

Same-Day Fulfillment

International Shipping

Import Custom Clearance



Fulfillment Services to Fit Your Custom Needs.

At the heart of our advanced eCommerce operations lies a commitment to delivering an unparalleled level of service and quality to our clients and their customers. We understand that in today’s competitive market, customer satisfaction is paramount, and our operations are finely tuned to meet and exceed those expectations.

Whether it is through live chat, phone call support, or video chat, we are committed to enhancing customer’s experience and work to increase their propensity to purchase again in the future.

Data is the backbone of our operations, which is why we can help our clients with IT support, including services such as Data Warehousing.

At Apparel Logistics, our clients are considered valued partners. We offer client support with services like Vendor Compliance, Internet Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Account Management.

An expansion of our SKU-intensive programming is the ability to support our clients with return management solutions. Keep track of the inventory going out as well as coming in.

We assist our clients with the ability to oversee order processes through advanced order management.

Your Supply Chain Fully Managed.

At Apparel Logistics, we have over 30 years of retail experience with touch points across nearly every major US retailer and over 25,000 specialty retailers.

We leverage integrated technologies that take action from the moment a consumer places an order to the final steps of ensuring packages arrive at their doorstep.

Whether processing containers of garments from overseas into our foreign trade zone facility or adding personalized messages to gifts, we deliver.

The Power of Omni-channel Integrations At Your Fingertips

We Also Add Finishing Touches With Value Added Services.

Hemming and Embroidery


Garment On Hanger

RFID Chips & Price Tickets


Product Refurbishment

Join Apparel Logistics and Elevate to New Heights.

Ready to elevate your retail game? Take the first step towards success with Apparel Logistics. From seamless logistics to customization expertise, we have the solutions you need to thrive. Join us today and discover why top retailers trust us to care for their products as if they were our own.