Scared of EDI? Don’t Be! Apparel Logistics Makes it Easy

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When it comes to running a business, you may find yourself running from one end of your business to the next trying to make sure everything is done correctly. To make matters worse, you also have to worry about EDI. Well, you no longer have to run and hide. Apparel Logistics is here to help. Here’s more about EDI and how Apparel Logistics can help make things easier for you.

What Is EDI?

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a form of electronic business communication that sends order information, including purchase orders and invoices. This type of data exchange helps facilitate party transacting without requiring special arrangements. This computer-to-computer exchange of commercial information is an alternative to email, mail, and fax.

What Are the Different Types of EDI?

UPC Catalog

The Universal Product Code (UPC) catalog contains a list of 12-digit numbers that are assigned to retail merchandise. Of the 12 digits, the primary six numbers are the company’s prefix. These first six numbers identify the company selling the products. The next set of five numbers are the reference number for the item. This number is specific to the particular item. The last remaining number of the UPC is the check digit. The check digit helps ensure item accuracy.


Extensible markup language (XML) is a type of formatting used for EDI data. This data integration language is primarily used in the United States to define where each piece of data is located in an electronic business document. With XML, companies can create electronic business documents easier. XML is not limited by the strict guidelines of data location.


Formerly known as ASC, X12 is the standard that governs the use of EDI to exchange information electronically between different organizations. This standard enables companies in the United States to send and receive information without worrying about incompatible software and unsecured connections.

Apparel Logistics Is At Your Service

When it comes to personalized support and advanced logistics, Apparel Logistics has you covered. We understand how difficult it can be to understand the different terms and regulations of EDI, so we’re here to handle everything for you.

At Apparel Logistics, we are EDI experts. Our in-house IT team is available for clients to manage all of the set-ups required to integrate with all of the leading E-Commerce and Wholesale electronics trading platforms. In addition to Shopify, Big Commerce, and Magento, Apparel Logistics currently supports over 60 integrations with many of the nation’s leading retailers and specialty stores. 

At Apparel Logistics, we also provide 100% accurate fulfillment, personalized services, and dedicated client support. When you have your shipping needs with one provider, everything you need is in one place, helping you keep track of many of your business essentials. When you’re ready to change your business and reap the awesome rewards, Apparel Logistics is here. Contact us today to learn more about our shipping services and perks we offer.

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