Foreign Trade Zone

How Does Foreign Trade Zone Work?

Facilities such as ours at Apparel Logistics that are established Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ), are considered outside of U.S. customs territory. This means when merchandise is brought into a FTZ, no customs duty is collected until the merchandise leaves the zone and enters the commerce of the United States.

If the merchandise is then exported outside of the country, no customs duty is ever due.

Through FTZ procedures, including direct delivery, weekly entry/export, and zone-to-zone transfers, you can be more competitive and cut down hours, or even days, from your delivery cycle.

Why Use Apparel Logistics Foreign Trade Zone Facility.

By utilizing our FTZ facility at Apparel Logistics (one of the only apparel specific Foreign Trade Zone facilities in North Texas), you can enjoy benefits such as lower inventory cost, improved cash flow, optimized bottom lines, and the ability to consolidate transactions reporting and costs.

As an Apparel Logistics partner, you are able to have a single inventory pool that ensures a high fill rate for your omni-channel needs.

With no delay in getting packages out the door, and shipping anywhere in the world, Apparel Logistics is the best third party logistics solutions company for apparel companies of all sizes.

Cash Flow Savings

Only pay duties on imported items as they leave the FTZ and enter domestic territory.

Zone Transfers

Transfer merchandise in bond to another FTZ without an entry.

Weekly Entry

An FTZ operator only pays one weekly entry fee (MPF). Non-operators pay for each entry.

Inverted Duty

Choose between paying the duty rate of the finished product or the rate that applies to imported parts and/or materials.

Duty Exemption

Avoid merchandise processing fees, duty payments, and duty drawback on exported products.

Avoided Losses

Avoid duties on obsolete, surplus, waste, or scrap parts.

Additional Benefits For Your Apparel Company.

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