Apparel 3PLs Make Long-Term Sense

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Most companies employ third-party logistics providers, or 3PL providers, to solve short-term problems within their organizations. However, the working relationship between a business and a 3PL provider becomes even more beneficial when organizations look to the long-term.

Apparel 3PL Providers Offer a Variety of Services

Since most businesses use 3PL providers to solve a short-term problem , they typically start using just one or two services that 3PL providers offer.

However, Gary R. Allen, the former senior manager of information technology consulting firm Cap Gemini, told Leslie Hansen Harps of Inbound Logistics that a relationship between a 3PL provider and a business will grow over time , so long as the 3PL provider solves the initial problem well.

“Most users start small; they don’t begin by outsourcing every component of their supply chain,” he explained. But over time, he says that so long as a 3PL provider delivers what an organization needs, the relationship typically grows deeper and broader.

Many businesses don’t even realize just how many diverse services many of the best 3PL providers offer . As the relationship between an organization and its 3PL provider matures, the business may move beyond using basic shipping and warehouse services and rely on its 3PL provider for tasks related to accounting and customer care, for example.

The Best Apparel 3PL Providers Offer Scalability

Most entrepreneurs don’t expect their businesses will look the same as they do now five or 10 years in the future. They hope their business will grow into something bigger and better than it is today. However, realistically, downturns in business activity are also likely. A good 3PL provider can be an important partner during periods of transition. The best 3PL providers can scale their operations to meet their clients’ changing needs. They have experience dealing with other businesses like yours in times of flux, so you know you can rely on them to respond efficiently to the changes within your own organization.

Apparel 3PL Providers Can Help You Plan for the Future

The best 3PL providers won’t simply respond to changes within your apparel business. They’ll help you make the changes you need to get to the next level.

The best 3PL providers employ technological solutions like enterprise resource planning software to track your business activities in real time. The reports your 3PL provider generates can help you gain a deeper understanding of your business activities and customer demand. If you’re unfamiliar with the technology, your 3PL provider can also help you interpret its reports so you can make the best decisions for your business future. Many 3PL providers provide reports at set times of year, but the best providers will create reports when you need them.

For a 3PL provider you can trust in the long-term, turn to Apparel Logistics. We provide a variety of services that can benefit your fashion firm now and in the future. Complete our consultation form to learn more about how a relationship with Apparel Logistics can be a key part of your company’s growth strategy.

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