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Global Leader in E-Commerce and Omni-Channel Fulfillment to Help Your Apparel Business Scale and Grow

Leaders in E-commerce and Omni-channel Fulfillment

At Apparel Logistics, we have over 30 years of retail experience with touch points across nearly every major US retailer and over 25,000 specialty retailers.

We leverage integrated technologies that take action from the moment a consumer places an order to the final steps of ensuring packages arrive at their doorstep.

Whether swiftly processing containers into our foreign trade zone facility or adding personalized messages to gifts, we deliver.

Inventory Accuracy
80 %
Inventory Accuracy
80 %
Order Fill Rate
80 %
1 days

Testimonials and Case Studies

Branded Distributor of Outdoor Apparel

Enro Face Masks

Startup Footwear Brand

Menswear Premium E-Commerce Brand

Today, the client’s business has expanded to service over 4,000 specialty retailers, 12 national retailers (including Amazon) and a growing E-Commerce business. Over the last 10 years, Apparel Logistics has successfully supported this client which has grown their overall volume 300% in the past 3 years.

  • 300% Increase in Units Shipped in 3 Years
  • 5.2M Units in 2022

Apparel Logistics’ IT and customer service group quickly adapted existing technologies to expedite the receipt of Enro mask air shipments which were arriving multiple times per day. Our management team also stood up a remote warehouse in Hong Kong in less than 8 weeks (including a Shopify integration) to better serve customers in the Asia Pacific region.

  • 25x Increase in Monthly Units
  • 10x Increase in Orders
  • 2-5 Days: Maintained Order Cycle

Apparel Logistics worked through the unique challenges of connecting with a legacy order system while simultaneously integrating with a leading E-commerce platform (Shopify). Apparel Logistics’ IT team was able to move all of the client’s data over within 6 weeks so that the client was ready to ship new product that was already in route from the factory.

  • Fully Onboarded in 6 Weeks

“Apparel Logistics has been instrumental in the dramatic growth of our wholesale business. They are a reliable partner who helps us deliver upon our mission to provide great clothes and great service. We feel fortunate to work with them.”

– Chief Operating Officer

We Integrate With Any Platform.

Our ability to integrate with all of the industry’s leading platforms creates a seamless supply chain process for our partners. We work with you to adapt our strategy and technology to work best with your operations. We work hard so you can focus on your business.